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   PDA (Professional Development Academy) is more than a basketball program. It is a mentorship program that equals precision, which in turn will promote confidence that creates environments for success. However, we don't tell our mentees what's successful, we help them develop a plan that fits their specific dreams and goals. Our desire is to take our mentees from survival, to thriving and on to flourishing. Led by Joshua D. Hayes, children and youth are mentored by one of the best. 





       Joshua D. Hayes is a man with a game plan, some would say he held the master plan in his hand. Josh, J. Hayes, Coach Hayes and Dad to Jai and Vance, are just some of the names that you will hear him called. His name should read “super” and follow whatever role he is fulfilling in that moment; super dad, super coach, super teacher, super mentor and super friend.  Josh isn’t your average coach or teacher. He is a man on a mission hoping to change the life of every person he comes in contact with, and it is evidenced in his seasons of successes. From helping to win Championships at Hall High School, to final four appearances at the State Tournament with E-stem Public Charter School, to successfully managing programs that would coach adults to start and maintain successful careers as a Career Coach Manager within the state of Arkansas.






Josh has made a major impact in the last 20 years of his life. He has worked in education for over 18 years, beginning early on at the University of Central Arkansas to his current position as head basketball coach at White Hall high school. And if his impact in education and career coaching were not enough. Josh spends weekends and late evenings pouring into his sons, who both are high profile athletes in their prospective divisions, to hosting community basketball leagues, training sessions and as a mentor and founder of The Professional Development Academy, a nonprofit organization created to empower youth to flourish in their community. If you can connect to Josh in any capacity, you should. Anyone connecting to Joshua D. Hayes, will play their life positions with a full court advantage, his capacity to take something out of nothing or little into much is a Game Changer.  


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