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Professional Development Academy is more than just basketball. We have come to recognize basketball as an outlet but it is secondary to our main goal of developing the whole  person. Over the years I have come to realize that the kids, especially the young men that I am connected to need more from me than skills and drills. They need a mentor and a life coach. This is why I decided it was time for me to take more action, to take what I do naturally and couple it with what I also have done professionally. I am a life coach, a career coach and a mentor. I have done those on the professional level.  I have a Bachelor's and Master's in Health Sciences, so I am taking those as well and working them in a program titled Professional Development Academy Impact Centers. 


Impact Center is the place where your imagination can create your reality. Some kids, and even some adults need something to jump start them, the battery isn't dead, but maybe something got left on, that drained it. What we want to do at PDA is be the jump off. We want to take what you dream and help it become a reality by servicing the full person. 


This is more than just for basketball, this is for life skills, this is mental health care, this fights obesity, this reduces the chance of someone getting in trouble and connecting with something greater than themselves.  

Our program is designed with a success plan in mind to see you flourish. Email us for more information on our summer program coming soon

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